Silicone Rubber Insulator

FS Type Cross-arm Insulators

The products are suitable for the innovation of urban electrical network where its streets are narrow it can effectively recuce the necessary height of the pole/tower. Due to high bent resistant capacity it economizes lot of financial and material resource there will completely avoid the case that porcelain corss-arm happen to crack More it can be well pollution resistant. Porcelain cross-arm can not instead of The products.

Part No Rated voltage Rated mechanical load Height Insulating Distance Li Min.Nominal Creepage Distance Full wave lightning impulse withstand Voltage(peak value) Power frequency withstand voltage Creepage distance
FS-10/5 10 5 280 180 380 75 42 38
FS-35/5 35 5 650 500 1200 265 95 34
FS-110/10 110 10 1260 1100 3300 550 230 30