Silicone Rubber Insulator

FPQ2-10/4T20 FPQ1-6/4T16 FPQ3-10/4T20 FPS-105/5T20
FPQ Type Pin Insulators

This product is sutable for the facility of hydro power station.Have increasing swimming skill.resist person who wear out able to bear and leak elect-ricityand get up mark and able to bear lecticity lose person who damage good Have every high tensile strength and resist the crooken intensity its mech-anical intensity is is good to resist and assault take ptecautions against earthquakes and defend fragiledis connected perfor mance;Whether it is the light install the convenient install its top and bottom aize and corresponding pillar the same to install size they can use each other.

Part No Rated voltage Rated mechanical load Height Insulating Distance Li Min.Nominal Creepage Distance Full wave lightning impulse withstand Voltage(peak value) Power frequency withstand voltage Creepage distance
FPQ1-6/4T16 6 4 210 113 205 75 28 34
FPQ2-10/4T20 10 4 270 140 380 90 40 38
FPQ3-10/5T20 10 5 310 170 460 105 45 46
FPS-105/5T20 10 5 290 200 460 105 45 40